The Chelsea outbreak was a sudden outbreak of a large concentration of ghosts and supernatural phenomena within the Chelsea area of southwest London, England.


The massive outbreak, which seemed to result in increasing amounts of ghostly activity day-by-day, was investigated by seemingly the combined forces of every agency within England, with the sole exception of Lockwood & Co.. However, following Lockwood & Co.'s favorable showing at handling a disruption to a party held to calm the public tensions, Lockwood & Co. was invited to investigate as well.[citation needed]

They, along with the help of Quill Kipps and his team from the Fittes Agency, traced the problem to the Aickmere Brothers department store, where they encountered a powerful poltergiest and the remains of a strange experiment underground.[2]

Revelations Edit

The "strange experiment" was the doing of the Rotwell Agency headed by the chairman himself Steve Rotwell. It was an experiment on creating a gate to the Other Side. The experiment under Aickmere Brothers Department Store, in Chelsea, stirred the surrounding ghosts. The emissions, from the lavender factories and iron factories, aided by wind; and the wide waters of the river Thames formed a box-like barrier that prevented the ghosts from leaving the Chelsea area of London. (Note: ghosts couldn't cross the rivers. The emissions from the lavender factories and iron factories contained enough fine lavender and iron to block the ghosts). Thus, the outbreak was contained within Chelsea.

The experiment under Aickmere Brothers was quickly abandoned because of Lockwood and co.'s investigations. Steve Rotwell transferred his experiment in his company's own centre in the village of Aldbury Castle, Hampshire. The Aldbury Castle outbreak followed soon after.


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