George Cubbins is a ghost-hunter and the deputy of Lockwood & Co., one of London's smallest psychical detection agencies. He is the brains of the agency and likes to have preparation time to research the case. He is the researcher of the group, prefering to do research and plan carefully before cases.


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Personality Edit

George does not tolerate hypocrites and has a somewhat acerbic sense of humour. He has an unhealthy interest in the origins of the Problem and the nature of ghosts and the afterlife, which has sometimes led him into serious trouble. Having said that, he is a diligent, passionate and skilled researcher and is at home amongst dusty archives or surrounded by piles of reference books at the library.

George is very much a "by the book" agent - the polar opposite of Lockwood's devil-may-care approach to ghost hunting.

Physical attributesEdit

Portly, with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, George wears glasses which he constantly removes to polish the lenses on his shirt or jumper. George is of slovenly appearance - even dressed in "smart" clothes, he looks an untidy mess.


George has the Talent of Touch,[citation needed] although perhaps not as good as Lucy Carlyle. He also has Sight (inferior to Anthony Lockwood's ability), but has little talent for Listening. He is considered to be a general all-rounder, not greatly skilled in any particular area, but of some talent in all. He is also a skilled researcher, able to spend hours scouring obscure archives and articles to discover crucial pieces of historical information.


  • George originally worked for the Fittes Agency, before being fired for insubordination.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In an author Q&A, it was suggested by Jonathan Stroud that there may be a romance between George and Flo Bones in future novels.[citation needed]


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