"And Lucy' - Lockwood gave me his biggest smile - 'let me introduce you to Holly Munro. Our new secretary.'"
Anthony Lockwood, The Hollow Boy

Holly Munro is the additional assistant hired by Lockwood & Co. when the workload became too much for them.[1] She was eighteen years old when she first joined Lockwood & Co.[2]


Experience at Rotwell Agency

Before working for Lockwood & Co., Holly was employed at Rotwell Agency. Initially a field operative, she worked in a team of four before a Poltergeist killed her peers. Much like Lucy Carlyle, Munro was the sole survivor of an incident that otherwise killed the entirety of her team. After this incident, Munro worked doing desk work for the agency. Originally supposed to return to the field, Munro found herself unwilling to go back and remained at her desk job. Munro then left the agency after a disagreement with a superior.



Holly is pedantic and exact. Upon gaining employment at Lockwood & Co she demonstrates her desire for cleanliness by reorganizing the entirety of 35 Portland Row. This is also shown by her "immaculate" and "glossy" appearance. She is often found to have gone into the bedrooms to clean and fold clothes, much to Lucy Carlyle's annoyance. Munro also reorganizes the Agency's supplies, bringing their equipment and stock up to DEPRAC standards. At the beginning of employment Munro has minimum contact within the field, instead completing the backlog of desk work for Lockwood & Co., Munro is charismatic and cheerful towards her peers. She is however revealed to have later found Lucy's behaviour patronizing. As she continues with Lockwood and Co., Lockwood encourages her talents, which he feels were neglected and under-appreciated during her time at the Rotwell Agency. She and Lucy repair their relationship. She also begins to relax to some degree, even engaging and baking and occasional treats, though still usually eating healthy food.

Physical attributes

"Between them, sitting in my chair, was a shapely, dark-skinned girl. She had black hair worn long at the shoulder, a pretty, roundish face, and a kind of dark-blue pinafore dress with a nice white top underneath it. She looked very new and shiny, like someone had popped her out of a plastic case that morning."
- Lucy Carlyle's initial introduction of Holly Munro, The Hollow Boy.

Munro is dark-skinned and has a round face and wears her black hair at shoulder length. Until this point no minorities have been mentioned in England. Munro most often appears wearing well cleaned skirts and blouses. When working as an agent she borrows her clothes from around the agency.


Behind the scenes


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