The Source was defined as an object or place through which a ghost entered the world. The Source could be just about any object and therefore wasn't always easy to find. It sometimes held a special significance to the individual who had become a ghost in life, or it could be an object connected to the violence or trauma through which the individual had died.[citation needed]


Following the emergence of the Problem, anything that was considered to even have the possibility of being psychically charged as a "Source" was treated with fear and disdain, resulting in a rush to burn various old furniture and a multitude of antiques. Over time, however, a black market in such objects known as "relics" sprung up.


The prime duty of any agent when out on a case was to locate the Source and neutralize it. If done correctly, eliminating the Source would eliminate the ghost's ties to the Earth as well. A seal of silver or iron was often used on the Source to prevent the ghost's escape.[1] Lucy Carlyle, however, discovered that sometimes by discovering the reason for the ghost's continued existence, however, it was sometimes possible to eliminate their presence without neutralizing the Source.[2]


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